28 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge


2019 is the year of YOU! Start it Right and get it TIGHT with Stacey Alexander’s Total Body Transformation Challenge.  It’s time to throw out all of the excuses that have held you back before and commit to putting you first.  Join the Challenge for only $99! 

Challenge begins on Monday, January 7th!!!! 


What you Get!
  • At Home Training Program - Full body training program designed to get you to your desired results.
  • Video Workout - You will also be given access to my instructional video series which will take you through each exercise with detailed demonstrations that you can follow along at home, at the gym or on the go. (You will have access to these videos forever, even after the challenge is over!)
  • Nutritional Guidelines - Nutrition is just as important as working out.  You will receive a detailed guideline of healthy foods to choose from to help you achieve optimal results.
  • Supplement Recommendations - Key Supplements that I personally use and recommend.
  • The Winners! - As an added incentive for you to CRUSH this challenge there will be prizes for the Top Transformations!

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