Badunkadunk Blaster - Competition Prep Program


Are you ready to get out there and compete in your first fitness or bikini show?  Have you dreamed of that perfect body, on the stage, the lights shining and the crowd cheering? Well let me take you on that journey and bring you the success you dream of.  With my 12 or 15 week program, I will walk you through each step of training, eating and preparing for that big show.  My program includes:

  1. Customized nutrition program based on your current body profile, your desired results and your food preferences.
  2. Recommended supplement program
  3. Customized training program based on your current fitness levels combined with your desired fitness results.
  4. Guidance on choosing a show suit, tan, hair and makeup.
  5. Weekly Check-ins to evaluate your progress and make any adjustments to your program.
How It Works
Once you complete your sign-up, I will email you the online Fitness and Nutrition questionnaire.  Fill it out as complete as possible so I can figure out where you are at with your physical capabilities, determine what type of foods to recommend and build a program that best fits your needs.  Once I receive the filled out questionnaire, it takes me about 3 working days (M-F) to complete your program.  I will email the program to you once I have completed it.

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